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Addiction & Recovery

Addiction & Recovery – 5 Steps in Getting to the Next Level

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.“ Oscar Wilde I continue to be intrigued by how men and women recover from addiction – chemical, sexual and even problems with food. I wonder how they do it – move forward, fashion a new life, get past old, destructive

Choice & Sexual Addiction

Ken, 38 years old, arrived late for his first appointment – but he nearly didn’t make it at all.  Arriving from a business trip, the pressing question on his mind centered on whether he could make it to my office from the airport without hiring an escort.  This particular day, Ken succeeded.  He described his

The Nature of Addiction

Addiction involves compulsive behaviors that dominate a person’s behaviors, feelings and choices in life. Imagine all we have are moments – to fill up with purpose, life and meaning. Addiction of any kind hijacks those moments and supplants them with its own voice and motivation – to use, get high, retreat, etc. A life driven

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