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The Tale of Two Rooms

The Uncommon Man I continue to be intrigued by men who seem to grasp what they stand for.  I mean really understand their deepest beliefs and hold on to them with passion and conviction and actually live a life that mirrors their true center. Many of us have observed lately Tim Tebow, quarterback for the

Knowing Our Center – Living Our Core

“There is a point in every race when a rider encounters his real opponent and understands that it’s himself.” –Lance Armstrong Are you living out a life with passion, chosen by wisdom, defined from your deepest values and beliefs?  Is your life a clear reflection of your integrity, all you stand for, and the difference

The Power of a Man’s Mind and Will

“There may be a thousand little choices in a day. All of them count.”     Shad Helmstetter The power of a man’s mind and will – to choose and to act on those choices! The mind brings shape and order to chaos. With it, we imagine new beginnings, decide how to love and plan how

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