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The Energy of Love

love between two people

“Love Stories Never Have Endings” – Richard Back

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

The Apostle Paul

Some say the love is the opposite of fear. That may be true. It also may be that the opposite of love is neglect – relational neglect. This could be similar to indifference, to settling with the status quo, to failing to see the needs of another beyond our own.

What is the Energy of Love Between Two People?

Love is a verb. True love takes action. Why? Because love is a force, an energy, a gift to give your lover to make them feel special – to even make you feel special for making them feel special.

For committed couples and marital partners, giving and receiving love marks the strength of their connection and defines the nature of their bond with one another. If we could measure love – maybe like we do electricity – we would see a flow from one human being to another. Love involves a ‘giving’ over of self in order to please your mate, without sacrificing your individuality and need for mutual affirmation.

It’s always helpful to look in the mirror – the mirror of reality. In that mirror we take stock of our whole self. This includes an honest evaluation of our strengths, weaknesses and ultimately, our ability to bring love into the world. We can ask ourselves key questions, such as:

  • In actions and behaviors, do I seek to love my partner?
  • Does love come hard for me? Do trust and other issues get in my way?
  • Have I witnessed positive role models in my life that were loving and giving?
  • Do I wait to be loved before I’m willing to reach out?
  • Do I know what my partner or spouse needs to feel truly loved and valued?
  • Am I mindful (consistently aware) of my intention to bring love to others, especially my mate, life partner, lover?
  • Does it bring joy and pleasure to my life to make my lover feel special and unique?

Sometimes the mirror lies, so we have to be good at knowing ourselves. Some seek individual therapy or life coaching to explore their capacity to love and be effective in relationships. Some seek spiritual guidance, marriage or couples counseling or find awareness workshops to get better acquainted with themselves. And some find help with qualified sex therapist to explore and regain passion in their sexual lives. And finally some people are just growthful as individuals in their own lives in general and spend their lives trying to improve.

Whatever the path, love is ultimately just that – a path. Love is a sincere move ahead embracing our spiritual center, an emotional grip that fosters consistency, a lessening of protective defenses and a clear determination to seek the best in ourselves that we give to another. Some say that love is the center of our being, the magic that changes our lives – and the world. Perhaps they are right.



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