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Surgery of the Heart

A Reflection on the Life I’ve Been Given

What a year.  Last year, this time, I nearly died – or at least, was about to.

As I reflect on my recent heart surgery, here at Christmas time a year ago, I am struck by so many thoughts and feelings  that I don’t know where to begin.

What stands out most, perhaps, centers on perspective – that life doesn’t seem as lengthy or predictable as I once thought.  And if so brief, what have I yet to accomplish, who have I yet to impact and even why has God kept me around?

After near death and experiencing the extreme vulnerability of life, you begin to wonder.  Not like pondering or day dreaming.  We all do that.  I mean gut wrenching, soul shaking stuff – the kind you can’t just let go of, that wakes you up in the middle of the night and stirs your heart in ways you aren’t used to!  Keeps you awake!

Wondering and wondering.

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Knowing Our Center – Living Our Core

“There is a point in every race when a rider encounters his real opponent and understands that it’s himself.” –Lance Armstrong Are you living out a life with passion, chosen by wisdom, defined from your deepest values and beliefs?  Is your life a clear reflection of your integrity, all you stand for, and the difference

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Choice & Sexual Addiction

Ken, 38 years old, arrived late for his first appointment – but he nearly didn’t make it at all.  Arriving from a business trip, the pressing question on his mind centered on whether he could make it to my office from the airport without hiring an escort.  This particular day, Ken succeeded.  He described his

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Some Ideas on Creating Intimacy

Men and Intimacy I define intimacy as all the “unique and ongoing ways we express love to our partner that keep us close, connected and our love growing – without losing our individuality.” Intimacy means we embrace attitudes and beliefs that incorporate the heart, that we possess skill in our capacity to love, that we

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The Power of a Man’s Mind and Will

“There may be a thousand little choices in a day. All of them count.”     Shad Helmstetter The power of a man’s mind and will – to choose and to act on those choices! The mind brings shape and order to chaos. With it, we imagine new beginnings, decide how to love and plan how

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The Nature of Addiction

Addiction involves compulsive behaviors that dominate a person’s behaviors, feelings and choices in life. Imagine all we have are moments – to fill up with purpose, life and meaning. Addiction of any kind hijacks those moments and supplants them with its own voice and motivation – to use, get high, retreat, etc. A life driven

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