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“Being Authentic” In Your Relationships

“Being Authentic” In Your Relationships      

Your Body Image & Intimacy  

Unhappy At Work, Unhappy At Home


Sleep & Your Marriage

Sleep & Your Marriage   So what happens when you don’t get enough sleep and just how important is quality rest to sustaining your marriage? What impact does sleep deprivation have on your love life? Our life with our partner can be dramatically impacted when one or both are struggling with fatigue. Sleeplessness creates

Top 5 Questions To Ask About Your Marriage

Top 5 Questions To Ask About Your Marriage Listen to all 5 and you’ll find out just how strong your marriage is and what areas of growth you can create with your lover . Answering any of the 5 with a “no” raises concerns about being in love – so check it out.

Sex & Dating: What’s Smart & What’s Not

Sex & Dating: What’s Smart & What’s Not The dating scene has dramatically changed over the past several years – especially with the advent of online dating sites. Find out how to date “smart” – the ups and downs and what to look for and what to watch out for.

We’ve Been Married for a Long Time. How Can We Spice Things Up?

So how can you add life to your marriage – spice it up and keep it thriving? Here are some valuable tips for reinvigorating your marriage. This includes growing passion, creating a more fulfilling sex life and enhancing intimacy and love in and out of the bedroom.  

Keeping Score In Relationships

Keeping Score In Relationships- Healthy Or Not?  Yes, we all keep score in this sense – am I getting my needs met? Healthy couples negotiate this successfully so they are not competing for what they want and need. Here are some tips for how to eliminate the need to keep score.

Privacy In Your Marriage

Privacy In Your Marriage What’s the difference between privacy and secrecy in marriage? Are we supposed to tell everything or is it OK to have some things be private? Boundaries in marriage can be healthy so what do they look like between healthy partners!

Marrying An Older Partner

Marrying An Older Partner-Benefits & Challenges Marrying an older partner (usually the husband is older) can present many challenges. May be differences in interests, two people in different life stages and separate expectations. What are the challenges and what can you do to create lasting love – despite your age?

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