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Marrying An Older Partner

Marrying an older partner (usually the husband is older) can present many challenges. May be differences in interests, two people in different life stages and separate expectations. What are the challenges and what can you do to create lasting love – despite your age?

A Better & Stronger You In 2018

What are fail proof principles that are life changing and guarantee personal growth and fulfillment? Principles such as overcoming fear, being real and enhancing key relationships? Listen and find out more about how to change your life and the steps to get there.

The Marriage Resolution You Must Keep In 2018

The Marriage Resolution You Must Keep In 2018 So imagine there is one resolution you must keep to really grow your marriage – every year! One key ingredient that helps foster passionate sex, better communication, a deep love for one another  and insures you create a marriage that lasts and thrives. What’s your guess?

Staying Sane and Married for The Holidays

So how do we stay sane during the holiday months? Stress seems to be the universal experience of many married couples. But stress can be managed. The holidays don’t have to interfere with our intimacy and joy as a couple. Here are some great tips for getting through the holidays and staying close and connected

Gratitude In Your Marriage

Partners who show gratitude for one another have the ability to create a dynamic and powerful love. In this video, Leslie takes a closer look at the power of ‘thankfulness’ to create and sustain a dynamic marriage and love relationship.

How To Avoid Making Sex Feel Like A Chore

So when and why does sex become a chore? What factors can we look at that puts sex on the chore list instead of the passion list? When couples mutually enjoy sex, their love grows and grows. Leslie explains how to get a couple’s sex life from being a chore to being much more.

Top 5 Sexual Turn-Offs

What are the biggest barriers to great sex? And what are the factors that create distance between partners and cause hesitation to give your all sexually? Leslie explains the top 5 sexual turn offs that couples need to know about to grow greater passion,  love for sex and want more of it.  

Avoidance Is Bad For You & Your Relationship

Couples who avoid communicating and sharing feelings, negatively  impact the bond of love they experience. But why do couples avoid conflict? Why do they stay away from sharing true feelings? Why do they avoid being real? Leslie explains the root cause of avoidance and ways to overcome it.

Football and Your Marriage: Must They Compete?

So what happens in any sport season, when one spouse decides to spend large amounts of time in front of the TV and leaves their spouse out? How can couples protect their time together, without demanding that the TV goes away? Leslie explains the dynamics and possible solutions.

Celebrity Couple Spotlight: Goldie & Kurt

Celebrity Couple Spotlight: Goldie & Kurt Why does their long-lasting relationship work?

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