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When Your Husband Should—and Shouldn’t—Be Your BFF

Typical fairytale happy endings aren’t based in friendship, and neither are the classic romance flicks of the 20th century. Danielle Steel novels are packed with heaving bosoms and Disney is all about love at first sight. So where did we get the “friends first” idea from?

Autism, Parenting, and Marriage: One Couple’s Journey

Doug and Leslie Gustafson, the husband-and-wife team behind Authentic & True counseling in Lone Tree, figured they’d be ahead of the curve when it came to molding their family life around their now 15-year-old autistic son Jacob. But the duo, who specialize in relationship, marriage, and sex therapy, found they needed to make a concerted effort to

How to Be Happy in a Marriage When Your Spouse Refuses to Give up Control

Married couples, not infrequently, are faced with this challenging dynamic, where one partner is controlling in the relationship and has an investment in keeping control. This could be over finances, lifestyle issues and even sex. With men, this can take the form of bullying their wives emotionally and worse case physically.

Up From the Grave: Bringing Emotional Intimacy Back From the Dead

Yes, emotional intimacy can be resurrected. Even after it has seemingly died. Even for couples who describe high levels of connection and love, interpersonal bonds can erode and seemingly disappear. Usually the erosion happens slowly over time, like mountains carved out by unforgiving winds and storms that tirelessly batter their majestic Bringing Emotional Intimacy Back

Wine at 9: A Lover’s Pursuit

Love and being loved: the energy behind the electricity grid of life. It shapes and molds our spirit, brings hope into the darkest caverns of the heart and drives us in our quest for meaning and purpose. We link it to sex, to finding our soulmate and to our most vivid daytime dreams. We talk

Men and Sex: The Real Truth

Men – all they want is sex.  Right?  Really?  No, not really!  Not all men want sex all the time.  A stereotype that plagues the male species.  Men often get a bum rap, depicted as constantly sexually motivated, as if they live in a mental squirrel cage with a constant agenda to get into their

When Sex Hits The Spot

What does it mean – for something to hit the spot? Makes sense in the game of darts, landing from a parachute jump and an archery competition. But can we apply it to good or even great sex? We think so. Know so. Sex that’s satisfying soothes, makes us feel warm, tingles and pulsates and

6 Attitudes That Every Married Couple Should Have

Marriage can be an exciting experience between two best friends – two lovers who share a heart-clenching journey of radical love, sometimes unspeakable joy and a deep, abiding passion.  In fact, passion to the core, the kind that often takes you by surprise and leaves you wanting more – feeds the spirit and grows the

Who’s on Top?

Sexual positions during intercourse come in all varieties and entanglements. Some more difficult than others. Some resemble the game of Twister, while others look like two lovers lounging in bed for an afternoon nap. The sexual positions you find yourself in potentially bring all kinds of thoughts and feelings into the bedroom that subtly shape

Fend off the Post Wedding Blues

We often hear that the wedding and honeymoon are the most exciting times in a relationship. “That is just not true – your marriage is,” say Doug and Leslie Gustafson, a married team of therapists in Denver, Colorado. “You are together, you are free, and you get to have all the romance, sex, and excitement

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