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Fees and Facts

How much does it cost?

FREE 15 minute consultation

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  • Individual Counseling for Men and Women
    The fee is $165.00 per session, lasting 50 minutes.
  • Marriage Therapy
    The fee is $250.00 for an initial 75 minute session. Subsequent meetings are $165.00 per session, lasting 50 minutes. (Includes a copy of our book Amazing Intimacy – Create A Spectacular Marriage In and Out of the Bedroom)
  • We are currently offering a FREE 15 minute phone consultation – call us at (720) 398-0720 today!

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance for direct payment. We will, however, be glad to help you fill out any necessary paperwork if your insurance company covers our services. Your insurance coverage may include “out of network” providers and so you would need to call your administrator or insurance company to find out. We are not on any insurance panels and don’t intend to be on any in the future as therapy is confidential and insurance involvement compromises your privacy.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and the following credit cards – MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Payment is due at the time of each session or at the beginning of the month.

How often do we meet?

Typically, we meet together each week, although there can be variations from this schedule. Some clients and couples can meet less frequently with positive results.

How long will I need therapy?

This varies from one situation to the next as every couple or individual have their own specific needs and goals. Sometimes therapy is brief and more time limited, such as 4-6 months and at other times can last several years. It is not our intent to keep clients in long term therapy but try and help with lasting change over the shortest time frame possible.

When do you see clients?

We schedule sessions in the morning, afternoon and evenings during the week. We do not see clients on the weekend.

Are you accepting new clients?

Most often, we can find a space for you and if we can’t, we are happy to assist you with referrals to other respected counselors.

Where are you located?

9362 Teddy Lane, Suite 202, Lone Tree, Colorado 80124

How can I reach you?

By Phone: (720) 398-0720
By E-mail: Use the form here to e-mail us.

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