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Leslie GustasfonI love working with women and the issues that are unique to them. I have a strong desire to encourage, strengthen and empower women, and have nearly 25 years experience helping them become the person they want to be!

I want you to know, it is possible and there is great hope for you to have a rich, purposeful, happy life and fulfilling relationships.

In my work as a therapist and coach, I focus on your goals, hopes and desires for healing and growth. I believe that anyone can experience lasting, positive change in their lives if they are willing to engage in a collaborative change process that is sound, safe and based on the truth. I believe individual counseling and coaching are excellent ways to do just that!

Some of the specific concerns I help with include overcoming depression and anxiety, eating struggles, adjustment issues, mothering/parenting challenges, relationship dynamics including marriage problems and enhancment, sex and intimacy concerns and enhancement, loss and grief, self-care and life balance, and spiritual growth and personal empowerment.

It would be my privilege to come alongside you in your life and help you get to a better place of feeling hopeful, happier and strengthened! Please call or email if you have any questions about how I can help you. I would be glad to answer them.

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