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Helping Men and Women Live Empowered Lives

Doug and Leslie Gustafson have ongoing coaching and mentoring groups for men and women.

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Created For Success

Join Doug and other men interested in personal growth, focusing on several key issues, including:

  • Defining Your Integrity and Core Values
  • Developing Skills for Navigating Life
  • Understanding Your Calling and Purpose
  • Setting Vision and Goals for Moving Ahead
  • Growing Your Marriage and Key Relationships
  • Defining Masculinity and Positive Sexuality
  • Growing Your Faith and Spiritual Life
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Identifying Your Personal Power
  • Making Peace With Your Past

Women – Empowered and Alive!

Join Leslie and other women intent on building each other up and creating inspired lives.

Key issues focused on include:

  • Defining Your Core Values
  • Sex and Femininity
  • Growing Faith
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Making Peace With Your Past
  • Personal Calling, Vision and Purpose
  • Insights and Skills for Living Abundantly
  • Increasing Awareness of Your Feelings and Boundaries
  • Marriage and Relationship Satisfaction and Enrichment
  • Balancing Roles and Needs in Career and Family

Groups meet weekly for 90 minutes with a monthly fee of $175.00

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