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Sex Addiction Therapy in Denver

Are you tired of hurting other people by compulsive sexual behaviors but you still can’t stop? Is pornography, hiring escorts, frequenting massage parlors or strip clubs or buying or renting pornographic videos consuming too much of you time or taken over your life? Do you feel hopeless in ever being able to overcome your sex addiction for good?

I have a real passion for seeing men move from the prison of addiction they live in to a new, full life. This includes freedom from sex addiction, out of control sexual behaviors and substance abuse issues such as alcohol dependence. As men, it is vital to reclaim our power and purpose in life, without the constraints of behaviors we can’t master or control. Addiction imprisons men, creating oftentimes constant patterns of self-abuse, a defeated mindset that affects all areas of their lives and a less than effective approach to relationships – personal and career.

Compulsive and addictive behaviors affect countless men. Compulsive and addictive sexual behaviors challenge men in their marriages, productivity in career and can profoundly affect self-esteem. To know ourselves deeply, we have to manage our sexuality and know how to think of masculinity in fresh ways. Losing control of our lives due to sexual acting out ultimately violates men’s values and their desire to live a life free of the chains of addiction and compulsivity.

Breaking the chains of addiction requires planning and structure to secure the best path ahead and to help insure the best chance of sobriety. This may involve 12-step work outside my office. I include a great deal of information in my addiction work in order to provide a structured setting where men can experience the needed steps to heal, grow and succeed. I include many relapse prevention strategies and cognitive behavioral techniques to help men chart a new course in their lives.

I have great respect for men who choose to live a sober life and take the steps to seek help and initiate a true recovery process. As a therapist and recovery coach, I can help you with your goals for growth and healing – and your desire to put an end to the chains of addiction. Watching you move into lasting recovery and growth would be my privilege!

Call me at 720-398-0720 for a free 20-minute consultation or fill out the contact form and I’ll call you. Love to see who you are and what you need right now in moving ahead in your life.

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