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Sex Therapy and Counseling in Denver

I am an AASECT certified sex therapist, a certification that only a few earn in their lifetime, with 25 years experience working with individuals and couples. My target areas include sex therapy in Denver and the surrounding geography near my office in Lone Tree. Nearby counties tend to fill my practice, although I have clients come from miles away due to my experience and specialties. I have a heart for helping couples experience a healthy and meaningful relationship that includes a loving and passionate sexual life together.

Let me ask you, Is your sexual life with your spouse as great as you’d hoped it would be? Do you have difficulty finding the time and desire to be intimate? Are you struggling to find the passion you once had together? Do you wish you knew more about how great sex happens? Does there seem to be something getting in the way of enjoying sexual intimacy to the full with your loved one?

Questions like these (and many more) are common concerns couples and individuals have in seeking out a sex therapist. Many marriages struggle in their intimate life and need help learning to talk about and grow their physical connection in the bedroom. Even sexually satisfied couples can run into difficulties over their lifespan together and need help getting intimacy back on track.

I utilize educational, experiential and growth strategies you try out at home, never in the office, with your spouse that are safe and structured and lead to increasing levels of intimate contact over time. (No nudity is ever appropriate in an ethical sex therapy office.) During the therapy process, I will help monitor all of your efforts to create positive change and help insure that you feel safe, understood, and heard. It is an important goal that your sexual experiences together are mutually pleasurable and I help insure that they are.

My specialties and the specific areas we can address include:

  • Sexual enhancement and creativity for married couples and women
  • Creating greater passion for one another that is mutually satisfying and lasting
  • Overcoming sexual desire differences and difficulties
  • Help for erectile challenges, premature ejaculation, and orgasm difficulties for women and vaginismus
  • Recovery from sexual trauma for women
  • Overcoming issues with body image
  • Having pain free intercourse
  • Getting sex back on track after pregnancy
  • Menopause and Aging issues that effect sexuality
  • Education about how to teach your children about sex and creating a sexually wholesome home environment.

I provide a safe environment for men and women to discuss challenges in their sexual relationship with one another, free of shame and negativity. We will map out strategies that address negotiating both your sexual needs and increase the excitement that two lovers can create together in a safe, passionate environment.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions you have about your own individual concerns. I would be happy to discuss how I may be of help to you!

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