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Delivering counseling or coaching services can happen in formats different from more traditional face-to-face meetings.

With Skype or telephonic formats, the ease and convenience of home or office provides greater opportunities for plugging into a growth process that might otherwise be more challenging!

Counseling and Coaching Services

Our clients who opt for Skype or telephonic counseling or coaching often have challenges commuting or making it into our office on a regular basis. Or just prefer the ease of connecting from their home or office! In addition, the distance from our office location may in fact prohibit traveling in for face-to-face meetings.

Our Skype and telephonic alternatives solve this challenge! We have an effective means of developing a significant, helpful counseling or coaching relationship and eliminating the stress of driving unmanageable distances to our physical office location. This can be combined with intermittent face-to-face sessions if travel distance permits.

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